måndag 23 juni 2008

ok a poll

I am just curious about how many that really read this blog these days. i have seen that the number of comments have dropped and that is maybe because you all are like me = to lazy to comment :) So now for 2 days i will not blog and just see how the poll turns out.

Have a wonderful day! Oh and when you have voted here to the right, go try out these stunts :)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Självklart läser jag, du finns i min rss-feed. ; )
    Men jag erkänner att jag är rätt dålig på att kommentera. *skäms* Vill i alla fall att du fortsätter blogga!
    Ha en skön sommar,


  2. I read, but don't always comment. I really like your work too.

  3. Hi I just came across your blog from your post on SIStv and really enjoy it. :)