torsdag 26 juni 2008

the craftiness continues

So, one day i just felt like sewing something. Now, let me just take a minute to tell you that i am so bad at everything sewing :) I especially have no patience and when i sew you need to have patience! I decided to make an atempt to make a mat that i can carry with me on my walks. To sit on or lay for that matter if the moment inclines. Anyway, i have a stash of fabric scraps of different sizes and patterns. I also happened to have some wadding home. So, i picked 2 fabrics out and my sewing machine. Poor thing must think i hate it :) i cut the 2 fabrics into 4 squares 48x48cm. Then i made a little patchworking (thanks mom for that!) i stitched every square together and ironed the seems to prevent chunkiness.

I then picked out a plain green fabric for the backside and sewed 3 sides together. Before i turn everything right i stitch the wadding onto one short end.

When i turned everything out i "pointed" out the corners and cut a little bit of fabric that was "over" :) Yep, my mesurements are not very good either. I folded the edges and since my intention was to be able to roll the whole thing up while i carry it, i picked out some green ribbon and pinned them to the edges too.

Then all that was left was to sew that last edge and voila! The end!

I know, i know it is not rocket science and i am a poor tutorial writer, but at least i am proud of myself!

And Dixon? Well, see for yourself!

4 kommentarer:

  1. it looks super cute........and don't dogs just find the spot they shouldn't be on!?

  2. Well done on your mat. You obviously have the right amount of patience.

    If you want to stop the padding int he middle from moving around, you could stitch right through the completed mat along all of the patchwork square lines.

    The dog obviously knew that you made him a mat to improve his comfort in life! - Hang on, isn't it cats that have staff, and dogs that have masters!

  3. It looks wonderful and you have every right to be proud of yourself. I like the fabric, very cool!

  4. I have no patience for sewing either, I have not touched my sewing machine in at least 4 years. I am very impressed that you finished it and it looks super cute too :)