lördag 1 mars 2008

some scrappin going on

Ok, so I have started doing some Amsterdam/Paris scrapping. For now I have only made 2 but I am getting some scrapping time today! We will see if the mojo hits me at the same time!

Sorry about the crocked scan.

The crepés with Nutella was tha bomb! OMG!

In the meantime here is my happy list for today:


I finally found these soap crayons!!! Do you remember them? I loved them when i was a kid. It is basiclly crayons of soap that you can use in the bathtub or shower just for fun! I have searched for them since my daughter was born, she will be 9 this year!


New baskets that I am using as flower pots in the livingroom. I saw this idea through a window to a houseboat on a canal in Amsterdam!

3. A bowl full of fresh fruit! That alwyas makes me smile.

4. Traces of my trip all over the house; a slideshow going in the digital frame, a mini eiffel tower in the kitchen, some art inspo on my inspiration line.

5. My lovely friend J bought me a Pro account at flickr so I am now uploading a ton of photos to my new sets!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Härligt!!!
    Underbara LO:s!
    Ja, de där kritorna minns jag, shit vad kul det var.
    Jag köpte några i höstas och var jätte ivrig, men de var heeelt värdelösa...:-( Har du köpt dina i Sverige el hittade du dem på resan? Du måste berätta hur de var.
    Men oj, vad uppspelt jag låter över kritorna...Hahaha!!! Tycker bara att det vore kul för Maja...
    Det ser så mysigt ut i din scraphörna.

  2. Beautiful layouts!!
    And your flower baskets look awesome!!

  3. See.. the picture of you eating the crepe was a good idea! The layouts look great. I'm glad you had a good time.. and I look forward to seeing lots of pictures in the flicr...


  4. Great layouts. Can't wait to see more from your trip. And you're right...Nutella is yummy!!

  5. Your scrapping is lovely! and I adore that idea with plants in the basket. It looks so organic and I'm all over that right now.