tisdag 25 mars 2008

Internet inspiration: homedecor

When I am on the hunt for things to use in my home I rarely search the shopping sites for it. I usually search the item on for example Better Homes and Gardens to see if there are alternatives for it. For example if I am searching for a bench I can see if they have any DIY projects, how you can use other things as benches etc. I also turn to BHG for inspiration for just about anything! For example these kinds of slideshows. I get their e-newsletter and they are just packed with homeprojects, decoration tips ets. I recommend a visit!
Since we have our own house, it is already built, but we do re-decorate alot! I usually look for decorating details. You know display tips, lighting advise etc. I love flickr for that. I can search for anything with home decor and get thousands of hits. I started here I loved to look at there photos. I then browsed Sarahs photos and found this photo which I can watch forever. There are so many cool details in that livingroom! I frequent groups like:

Corners of my home
Very small houses

Recently I discovered Apartment therapy. I am still discovering it, but I have a hunch that it will be one of my new faves. How cool is it to take a peek into a flashy Paris home or a cool San Fransisco flat.

Lastly I have a natural love IKEA, afterall I am swedish :) I have my Ikea catalog at hand most of the time just to flip through. and ok, I am the first to admit that not everything IKEA has the highest quality, but I do like their accessories, whom I cannot leave a store without :) The Ikea site has a few cool features that you might want to try. I especially like the slideshows like this one. I find a lot of inspo just looking at the room displays and the colors + it is nice to know that alot of the things are both doable and affordable!

1. house_front, 2. Lisa O_my outside, 3. Lisa O_ my computer area, 4. little red elephants, 5. Lisa O_ my bed, 6. Lisa O_ handmade, 7. wall art, 8. my wall yesterday, 9. Green Lisa_O, 10. Lisa O_ flower power, 11. Lisa O. autumn decor, 12. special small things, 13. lights & rain, 14. Lisa_O something glittery, 15. Lisa_O my scrapspace, 16. white flowers, 17. our tree, 18. welcome, 19. the cutest gift ♥, 20. my latest angels, 21. the 4th sunday in advent, 22. light on table, 23. Christmas table, 24. latest layouts, 25. fave shelf, 26. nice reads, 27. in-the-middle-of-a-project-mess, 28. my workplace, 29. hearts around the house, 30. baskets

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