lördag 29 mars 2008

Internet inspiration: photography

I love photograpy! And I do use my camera alot, but sometimes I do need some new ideas for new objects or projects. Through scrapbooking I have come to read quite alot about photos and photography. Ali talks alot about how to use photos in scrapbook layouts and especially photos in your everyday. You can read a good list here and here on taking everyday photos. I have that list on my fridge to give me a reminder when my fantasy is bad. Everyday photos is something I have started doing more and more. The idea of photojournals/diaries has exploded the last cuple of years through projects like 365 etc. It is a fund concept and I have tried it a few times, but I am more of a spontanious phototaker.
I have found a lot of tips and tricks over at shutterfly I recommend a look there. And I also found alot of interesting articles on 2peas. They have a nice mixture of technical info and object inspiration. 2peas also has a nice photogallery.
Flickr has a very nice feature that allows you to add contacts that makes you see their latest photos whenever they add them. Photos in my contacts feed has blown me away more than a few times! Just to see a technically perfect photograph is pure joy to me, but to see a photo that beems happiness or feeling is lovely. I get lots of ideas and inspiration from Flickr. When I was going on my recent trip to Amsterdam and Paris i searched for photoideas of the Eiffel Tower etc. It was a perfect inspirationsource! When i was about to do a babysession I browesed both 2peas and Flickr galleries for poses and ideas.
You can really get lost in the flickr-world. Just go into someones favorites and you can click your day away!
Tara Whitney has always been one of my absolute favorites in phototaking. I love her photos! They are full of life, vibrant, random and real. I know that most of you already know about Tara and her phototaking skills, but she did write some interesting photoarticles on 2peas that are worth reading.

Here are a few difital photography sites too:

Digital Photography School
Digital Photography Tutorials
HP Digital photography center

So, these are the places I go for photo inspo.

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