måndag 3 mars 2008

So, do you wanna come with me and Sadie on a walk? Ok, let´s go!

This is what we see when we get out of the house. And we are going south to begin with.

Our street or neighbourhood consists of about 20 houses and they are a majority of red houses with white details :) But my friend lives here and I love that they have a white house!

This is our firestation. The firemen work 25% as firemen and then they have "normal" jobs also. We are turning right here and will head west.

Down towards the lake.

I always love to walk here in the different seasons. The farmland changes all the time and the view of the lake is beautiful to me.

Down by the water there are a few summerhouses. This red one is my favorite. It is an artist that lives here and their garden are full of cool details that she has made.

If we would have walked straight on here we would end up on the beach. But we are turning left here and head south again.

This is what is right to me for about 2 km. Ah!

At these old milkcans we are turning left and head west. The little mushroom on the side indicates that the schoolbus should stop there. And if you see that there are reflectors on there, they say how many kids that lives there that will go on the bus.

These are mostly smaller houses that are for rent.

Now we have come to the way that goes down to the harbour and the ferry. The sides were filled with trees, but after 3 bigger storms the last years so so many of our trees have fallen.

Sadie wanted to go the other way! We usually take a shortcut here :)

But today we are taking the "long" way to the store before we go home. Aka north.

This is one of our stores. Although we are only about 800 people living here we have 2 grocery stores. There also a postoffice in here.

Ok, so now we are back at the firestation, do you see it on the left side?

And after about 45 minutes we are back home :)

Ah, thank you for coming along! :)

6 kommentarer:

  1. All I can say is, consumed with envy!

    How lovely!

  2. That was so cool!! Find it great to see where people live etc. Might try that idea!!

  3. oh sweet, I loved your tour around your neighborhood. I might do a version of that later on when summer is in full swing. You don't have any snow! and I so wished I had some green grass!! I also think it is sweet that your house is a different color than the rest. and I do like the white house too, very cute.

  4. Boy, that is gorgeous, Lisa O! I would like to rent one of those little houses! Everything was just lovely.

  5. So pretty - your neighborhood is so charming. What a beautiful country walk you have!

  6. ooh that was fun, you live in such a beautiful place of the world :)