torsdag 6 mars 2008

a fave, layouts, music and a mosaic

First of all:OMG have you seen Ali´s blog post today? If not go there and soak up the album yumminess...and then come back :)

Second of all; I have scrapped :)

First was a life in february layout, much inspired by Tinas Calico Studios gallery layout!

Then using some of the cute photos I got from our picknick the other week :)

Thirdly, I am so happy that I found KT Tunstalls video at youtube :) + happy to now know how to post videos :)

I love that song and I especially love her voice it is amazing!

And this flickr mosaic makes me smile!

1. mondays are for color, 2. 14 Studio Space by Starlee Matz, 3. 124*(365), 4. 25 / 52: Be Grateful!, 5. Creativity defined..., 6. Rice, 7. Happy Mail (#53), 8. My house in a bubble, 9. Approaching..., 10. OMG SHE DID IT!, 11. *Kill time...., 12. Belly Button Smiles, 13. more macro fun, 14. valentine, 15. Untitled, 16. Bedroom, 17. A promise of spring, 18. the reading nook, 19. sammy, 20. pomegranate heart, 21. CSC_5929, 22. CSC_5455, 23. DSC_5696, 24. DSC_5736, 25. Dandelion, 26. tanpopo, 27. I love you, 28. You give me wings. (Me #4), 29. I built you a home in my heart., 30. I John 4:19, 31. I Heart You!, 32. write it down, 33. Untitled, 34. Untitled, 35. star dust and rainbows. 156:365, 36. Untitled

4 kommentarer:

  1. Gorgeous layout! Love your style. The mosaic is incredibly lovely!

  2. great blog, first time here. Cute LO's! and great flickr mosaic, very fun pics

  3. Just wanted to say that all your posts in the last few days have been so Wonderful!!! I LOVED the walk you took us on, your little town is so adorable, and you live in just the sort of place I dream about. I would love to live out where there is space and water, and old milk cans!

    Your recent layouts too are awesome, --I wanted to ask, who makes the labels you used on the eiffel tower LO? I loved that LO and the way you did the picture in picture (something I need to learn)

    also, where are your frames from that you have been putting on your blog pictures? they are too cool,

  4. Love KT! and the layout you did, so cute.