fredag 7 mars 2008

Q & A and friday post

I have had some awesome comments on my last like 12 posts :) Thank you very much! I have also seen that I have had some questions that I haven´t answered yet. So, here I go:

Kerry asked about "the black bird" I have been using:
- Kerry, the black bird is a Hambly rub-on. You can see the whole sheet here. I also have the pink one :)

Lisa asked about the spring flowers:
- Yep, Lisa it is way to early for spring flowers!!! It is all very strange for me, because when I was younger we always had such defined seasons and now the last cuple of years it has all changed. I had flowers in my garden that bloomed 2 days before Christmas!!!

Elizabeth asked a long time ago about the "e" photo I used here.
- I found the "e" photo on flickr. I email and asked if I could use it. Isn´t it awesome!

Amanda asked about the frames I have used on some of my photos lately.
- Aren´t they yummy, Amanda?! It is a Digital Frame Kit that I bought at 2peas. You can see it here. And Amanda, you asked about the labels I used in the Paris layout, they were bought at a swedish office store.

Karoline asked about scrapstores in Paris:
- Well, I wasn´t on a hunt really, but my friend J had spotted one in the mall right outside the Louvre :) It was more of a crafting store (like Panduro) but they had a section for scrap stuff. I bought some new stamps and a punch which were a little bit cheaper than here in Sweden!

I will most likely be back again later with a new post :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. thanks for all the fantastic links!!

  2. oh wow, thanks for answering all those questions, sweet :) I think spring is coming here, everything is melting and maybe we will have flowers soon. Thanks for all the links, lovely. Love your blog :)

  3. Hey thank you so much for all the links and answers! It's always fun to have an interactive blog! I am going to look into getting those frames!