onsdag 5 mars 2008

good days

We have had a few good days...Sadie and I had a good snuggle yesterday after a long walk in the sun.

And then my husband just randomly came home with roses...for me :) If you are not in a good mood before, you sure are after some roses just because.

We took these photos on arms length and I adore them! These photos are not technically perfect or even good, but they show how much we really love eachother. We love her...she loves us...we love eachother...

Sometimes it just hits me, we are family...all the things we do now, today, yesterday and tomorrow, are the things that our daughter will remember when she looks back on her childhood. How we aet dinner infront of the TV, how we always are silly and joke with eachother, how we take random roadtrips with the car without a goal...it´s kinda cool isn´t it :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Härliga bilder allihop! De på er tre får en verkligen att le. Ni ser så lyckliga ut.
    Det är jättecoolt att få vara en del av en familj och skapa äventyr och traditioner tillsammans...

  2. it's very cool :)

    love your pictures and LOVE the flowers! how sweet!! :)

  3. Your family pictures are so very sweet :) and I agree with what you said about experiences. I really like the frame you used with the photo of you & your puppy :) cute.