måndag 17 mars 2008

organizing project, minibook and a layout

i am back in scrap :) hehe! Ok so I have done a few projects over the few weeks that I have not shared yet. When i turned 29 (or rather a few days after) I did a little minialbum about me at 29. I was inspired by Garden Girl Joy Uzarragas album. I used chipboard that i cut to the size that I wanted. For the cover I printed out my most favorite digital brush on my printer! I continued to print out a few labels from a kit by Rhonna. I added a few things like my playlist, where I work etc. It is not finished, I have to journal a little more.

Then on saturday I bought this little sweet thing :)

It has so many cool ideas, not just for kids but for any crafter really! I jumped on project number 18 which is a wonderful idea for us moms to artful children! I know that my daughter comes home with lots and lots of drawings and artwork from school. The idea is to store all those pieces of paper in these mailing tubes! Perfect! And the idea looked even better when my mom told me she had lots of old mailing tubes laying around! Yay!

So I started with picking all the artwork out and sorting them in different piles. Sorry for the bad bad photo :)

The mailing tubes had small white labels already on them, so I just picked them of and stamped the content on them!

Voila! And yes I know that I could have just explained this in text, but´I love to show and tell!

I was impressed by that little magazine! Here are a few of my other faves:

idea # 9: nature containers (put nature finds in jars inside)
idea # 14: cannery row (make nautical frames of aluminium tins)
idea # 39: crayon blocks (melt chips of old crayons to new ones)
idea # 55: artistic agenda (use kids drawings as backgrounds for calenders)

And I was again inspired by an idea from Ali´s new book; to document your kids room. Really I was going to do something else with these photos, but it struck me that her room is just filled with all kinds of animal things!

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  1. Martha Stewart freaking ROCKS!! I love her magazine(s). Always filled with tons of fab ideals. I'm always loving your mini album. Joy is one of my favorite GG and yours is gorgeous. Great job.

  2. love your mini! I'll have to go and check out that little magazine too.