måndag 24 mars 2008

i ♥ the internet!

Yes, I do love the internets! If you read my blog often you know that I have stated that before :) I love it for so many reasons; I have made lifelong friends, I can share my hobby with millions, I can stay intouch with so many, I can search for information and these are just a few things. What I also love about about it is that i find inspiration and ideas for so many different things out on the w.w.w! Since I have also declared that I "find inspiration everywhere" I thought that I´d do a little inspiration series here on my blog where I share my favorite places I visit when I am on the hunt for some tips on:

♥ homedecor
♥ photograhpy
♥ philosophy/life
♥ scrapbooking
♥ crafts

For the next week or so I will dedicate some posts where I share my fave http`s with you. Now, dont you just long for that?! :)

Ok, posts you soon, friends!


2 kommentarer:

  1. Hello Lisa
    I really agree with you! I also find a lot of ideas on blogs to craft (excuse my bad english!). You made me discovered a lot good things and persons on Internet so thanks a lot!

  2. Internet är fantastiskt!!!:-)
    Ska bli kul att få se vart du hittar en del av din inspiration.
    Vad snygg sidan är! Snygga färger!
    Hoppas att du har haft en bra påsk!