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WCS | The gift of time

Note: This post was originally posted on the WCS blog on December 17 2013.

I have been seeing a pin around Pinterest that describes something called The gift of time. As I read it it´s a thoughtprovoking statement that most of us have all the things we need and kids often more than anything need our undivided time with them. I totally agree, so I decided it was going to be one of the gifts for my daughter this year. 
And as a scrapbooker/papercrafter I wanted to do something pretty with it! 


I went on a Pinterest hunt for some numbered list cards and found some really cute ones. They are really printable escort cards but work superb for this purpose also! For the envelopes I used these printable number tags. My plan was to have one envelope for each of the twelve months in a year. In each envelope I would add a note with an activity me and my daughter would do just the two of us. 


 I added the number tags to each envelope and added some washitape. 

Bild (15)

I will not say exactly what they all say (I don´t want her to know!) but here is a list I made with some examples:
a moviedate
a at home moviedate with popcorn
at home spa night
go for mani/pedi
go for a shopping date
a library date
bake something together
plan a suprise for someone
go minigolfing
take a walk
watch silly videos on youtube
It all depends on the age of the child and ofcourse your interests. I also think this gift would be awesome for your spouse!

Bild (18)

I had an empty gift box and packaged it all nicely. On the inside of the lid I added a personal letter.
I am so excited to start this tradition! I hope that you are inspired to do something like this!


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