måndag 9 december 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 47

Week 47

I am not behind on these. I just have a few that I haven´t shared on the blog yet. I still have my weekly session sitting down on the weekend making my spreads. 

This was the week when we had 3 trips into the city! Bleh! I am surely a homebody and get stressed with all the people. But we had to change tires on the car since winter was coming in. My daughter had a field trip she was dreading, but judging by the photo of her at the indoor pool, she had some fun afterall.
One day while in the city, we met up with my sister and nephew for lunch at IKEA. It made our whole day!
I have added a big heart on that last card since I have some personal things written there.

This week I added in a screen shot of the apps on my iPhone. I saw it somewhere I thought it was a good idea. On the back I wrote down a short summary of what i do in each app.
There was an open house at my daughters school and we attended a few classes and conferences.
That night we also baked gingerbread cookies with friends, a favorite tradition!
On Sunday, we drove my daughter to her father´s house since her little brother were being baptised. On our way back home, we made a quick visit at my sisters.

An observation that I have made the last weeks are that I have fewer words on my spreads. It is not because I haven´t got anything to say, but think also that the photos speak for themselves. Maybe I will regret that later, but it feels good for the moment.

Thanks for stopping by!

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