onsdag 4 december 2013

From Pin to reality | Chrochet wreath

It has been a while since my last From Pin to reality post, but I see a few ones coming now that I can start sharing my Holiday crafts!


I have had versions of this craft pinned before, but haven´t done anything before. 

I had a small styrofoam wreath at home that I had wrapped in string before, so I just took that of and started to chrochet my new one. I used the double chrochet stitch, but if you are more comfortable with a single stitch that works just aswell! That is why this is a craft you can do as a beginner too!

I worked my rows one by one until it reached about 45 cm. During my work I sized and measured so that everything would fit.

Then I started to sew the piece around the wreath. You can work bulky, but I tried to make sure it was overlapped so that it wouldn´t show to much on the front side. For this I used a big yarn needle.

As you can see it is a little bulky on the back, but not so much it wouldn´t hang ok.

The ends were sewn overlapping aswell.

I then added a few stitches with red yarn mimicing red berries and then I crochet a red ribbon.

Ho ho ho ;)

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