tisdag 3 december 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 46

Week 46

This week my daughter spend a few days with her cousins and granmother and I asked to get some photos from her. I used four that i thought best showed her experience and added them to the top of the page. 
We had a quiet weekend with some scrapping and crafting and a lovely walk. 

That last photo is of our cat Marta. She spend a lot of her time on my daughters bed and she seemed so pleased that she was back home. And that stuffed mouse is Molly that has been my daughters favorite since she was 2. Marta seemed happy to see her too :)

This is a page of the rest of the week that also was slow and not out of the ordinary. I added a free printable from Monika and also included a photo from the news of the disaster hurricane in the Filipines. There is more story behind that photo. 

My flowers are still in bloom in November! That is crazy!

Thanks for stopping by!

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