onsdag 13 juli 2011

summer to do list ~ revisited

i thought i´d revisit my summer to do list that i posted here.
the summer is not over and i still have time for a couple more things, but i thought i´d show some of the things that i have crossed off.

decorate the greenhouse

well, it is not decorated as i had planned. but since summer here did rain away for the first part of the summer, i made instant summer by bringing in the outdoor furniture into the greenhouse :)

make a scrapbook kit for the caravan

still working on this!

paint and change fabrics in the caravan

as i mentioned in this post we bought a caravan from 1977 in may and while i did paint its interior it still needs one more coat. my mom sew some new wraps for the cushions (i am picking them up today! i´ll have some photos later.

pick 7 different flowers on midsummers eve

my daughter did pick 7 different flowers on our nightwalk on midsummers eve. it is an old tradition and you are suppose to lay them under your pillow and you´d dream of the person you will marry :)
 she said she dreamt of 3 different boys ;)
in this post you can see her holding her flowers in the upper left corner!

make a weave

i have no photos yet ;)

have a picnick

yet to do!
paint a painting

i did paint a painting for my one little word project in june.

as you can see i am on top of this list ;)

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