onsdag 20 juli 2011

from pin to reality

i love pinning a bunch of cool stuff at pinterest! i thought i´d share a project that came out of pinning something on one of my boards
(here is the real source if the link doesn´t work!)

i love the idea of re-purposing things. when i went to the annual big rummage sale the other weekend, i bought  several old silver spoons. 
i followed the directions i found and hammered the spoon flat. cut the handle of (yay me!), bend the remaining handle and used my metallic stamps for my message. 

i love how it looks! i am pairing it with some pearls and call it a day :)

so, there you have it, my first pin to reality! there will be more 
(i have a feeling) so i might even do a special banner for it! 

3 kommentarer:

  1. wow, very impressive! love it and your creativity.

  2. This looks great! We've got those stamps at my school... maybe I'll give it a try to! Love it.