måndag 16 maj 2011

project life in may post #5 ~ second week

i am actually happy that the second week of may is over and done with because i got down with yet a cold :(
anyhow, here is the second weeks entries to my project life in may!

here is the first spread. i have added one extra page this week. 
i worked a bit with backing this week. i felt that the page protectors weren´t sturdy enough, so i backed everything with black cardstock and i even did the following spreads too :) 

here is a closer look. i have added some white text on my photos this week. the font is hand of sean and is a free download. i added the text in WORD before i printed them.
on this spread i added photos from one of my many study sessions this past week, a few more of our caravan and index photos from a familyshot i did saturday. i used the same techniqe for the 2 mini slots for the index cards as i did on my two page layout i did for ellas  sketch challenge :) for my journaling i used both a pen (my own handwriting) and my typewriter. 

here is a look at page two with the extra page. i added a note about the scores in one of our UNO games this week and also a card from the deck. 

the spread with the extra page turned. i added a fun photo detail on the back of the extra page. i went into my photofiles and found a photo of our cherry tree just starting to bloom from last year and a current photo, which shows that spring came way earlier this year.

for the smaller slots on the second page i added a miniprint of a layout i did earlier this week, part of a cute envelope that i got from Lisa at Cocoa Daisy and a journaling card with the past week in numbers. 

here´s to a healthier week three :)

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