fredag 22 juli 2011

52 photos in 52 weeks: week 28 + 29 roundup and new prompt

for the 28th week of the phototaking challenge we had the theme light:

here are the light images from the group!

for the 29th week the theme was summer and patti.lin  decided to make a mosaic of her summer photos. it sparked me to make a mosaic from the things i always takephotos of in the summertime: all things that grow!

the theme for week 30 is FRESH!

don´t forget! 

during my vacation the blog will be in summer mode, which basically means i have a few pre-written posts that will show up, i´ll post new ones whenever we get to somewhere with internet, and i will re-post a few of my very favorite posts from this past year. 
i hope that you will be here during and especially here when i get back! 

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  1. So glad I could contribute to your inspiration! You are usually the one to inspire me!