onsdag 22 juni 2011

one little word ~ june project

i thought i´d give you a little update on my one little word project that i did for june. this month ali encouraged us to be creative with our word in mind. just do some playing with painting, stamping or whatever and just think about our word and what it represents for us in our thoughts. i freaked a bit at first :) 
then i did just that, just went with the flow and this is what i created.

i had a big canvas laying around and i decided to use several layers of paint. i felt good to have no idea of where i was going with this at first. i worked on it for like a week alowing the layers to dry in between coatings. 

i love that the paint lays thick on the canvas. i also added some texture with some masking. the message is in regards of my one little word: choice. 

maybe, just maybe i am adding some more things to this...

1 kommentar:

  1. I absolutely adore this piece of art! I love the saying, too!