tisdag 7 juni 2011

summer minibook!

i have fallen...i have seen so many cool summer minibooks around the blogs lately that i was so very inspired to make my own. 

i binded my own book with mixed pages both blank, ruled and some calendar type pages. i will add photos to the binder also as time goes by. 

i used ali edwards sunshine brushes and printed the hello sunshine on yellow paper. the banner and notes paper is from elles studio and i added stickers for summer and 2011.  

for each of the three summer months i added a little calendar page to just jot down things we are doing. 

i made my first entry. i added our may family photo right in there and my summer list of fun things i want to do. here is the list:

decorate the greenhouse
make a scrapbook kit for the caravan
paint and change fabrics in the caravan
pick 7 different flowers on midsummers eve
make a weave
have a picnick
paint a painting 

here are a few of the awesome summer minis that has blown me away: 

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  1. You're so cute, including my Summer in the Life mini. We're not doing a formal one this year, but are going to do the Week in the Life with Ali at the end of June. I'm going to do a DIY album similar to what you did...nothing formal or planned. Good luck on your Summer goals!