fredag 1 juli 2011

Write Click Scrapbook ~ july gallery

it is july first and that means that the WCS gallery is new and live! this months theme was weddings. i chose to make this layout above. i wanted to record that i still, after 9 years as married, would choose my husband :) our love has not always been easy, but there is something that keeps us together and right now we love eachother more than ever! the numbers at the top of the layout is our wedding date. 

a little wedding trivia about me ;)

♥ i have been married twice
♥ i wore white both times :)
♥ one summer we attended 3 weddings!
♥ heck, i love going to weddings!
♥ i love collecting wedding ideas 
♥ my favorite movie wedding is that in love actually
♥ i did watch the UK royal wedding :)
♥ if we were to renew our vows i dream of it being done in our backyard, at night, summer, lights in the trees, barefoot with all our friends gathering in a circle around us...

here is one of the photos from the wedding that we have up around the house.

an old layout with my wedding flowers. 

and one of my favorite photos of us :)

how about you, are you married? what is your favorite memory from  your wedding? 

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