torsdag 1 juli 2010

wardrobe re-fashion

i have done a few alterations in my wardrobe the last cuple of years. and i love it! i love to go into a store/thrift store and see something and think, well if i picked that of or sewed something there...and the cherry onto? my daughter has begun thinking the exact way!
i love that!
this time it was this skirt i bought at a thriftshop. i do like the beaded lining, but wanted a more everyday casual look instead.

i begun with cutting the whole beaded part of. i am saving it, i might find a use for it in another project.

the other week my husband threw away some boxershorts that he didn´t like. before they went in the trashcan, i cut the elastic of.

i pinned the elastic to the top of the skirt. i thought it would go smother, but i did have a little bit of trubble since i had to gather the fabric so it would be even later. then i sewed a single stitch on my sewingmachine and voila; a casual summer long skirt!

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