fredag 30 juli 2010

i am back!

and so we are back from a wonderful vacation! we had a lovely time visiting with my parents-in-law up north where they have a cottage (or really 3 on the property). the cottage is located out in the woods about 15 km from the nearest village, so very secluded it was! and that was the point really, to just be. just be without electricity. just be without running water. just be without a watercloset. just be infront of the fire. just be together. we all needed this sort of vacation, none of us wanted to go home!
the area has cows, horses, goats etc that wander freely and everyday we were greeted by them as they strolled by our gate.

one of my very favorite nights was when the horses joined us on our dog walk. it was pure magic to see the light in my horse-crazy daughters eyes as they just decided that it would be cool to join us! i love that memory!

as we were tourists of sorts, we did venture a bit nearby. we saw beautiful nature and small places where life is simple.

but the best time of day (besides breakfast, i love breakfast!) was late afternoon as we lit the fireplace and sat around the fire chatting, chrochetting, laughing and playing cards.

more to come in the next few days!

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