torsdag 22 juli 2010

right now

right now: i am making even more strawberry jam. it is so easy and tastes so good!
right now: my daughter is playing house.
right now: the wind feels cool and the summer rain smells lovely.
right now: sadie is sound asleep by my feet, making us both feel secure.
right now: the dear husband has such bad backpain, poor guy.

right now: we are planning a roadtrip later this week. we love our gps in the car, but some good old map looking is so much more fun!
right now: i am frantic about a wedding shoot i will do on saturday!
right now: i am in a creative rut! yay!
right now: i feel so much love.

right now: i am in the middle of a larger crochet project. i have tired arms from so much hooking :)
right now: i should do some housework and make a list for our roadtrip.
right now: i want to i think i will :)

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  1. I really like this right now theme. I may need to try it myself. Love it!