måndag 19 juli 2010

funny how things don´t change :)

i was going through an old notebook from last year and ended up reading a list of 30 things i love about summer. and i still love all those things :) so i thought, why not post it again hehe...

♥ sunshine

♥ free days

♥ english murders (on tv and in books ofcourse!)

♥ end of school ceremonies

♥ greenery

♥ short trips

♥ sunsets

♥ to eat in the garden

♥ strawberries

♥ watermelon

♥ icecream in the harbour

♥ sleeping in

♥ sitting outside a resturant

♥ to fall asleep in the shadow

♥ the trampoline

♥ freshly cut grass

♥ summer shows on radio

♥ to pick homegrown sallad

♥ to sleep with an open window

♥ long days

♥ to be lazy

♥ late nights

♥ to sit in the sun

♥ the warmth

♥ to hang the freshly washed laundry outside

♥ to tidy up the garden

♥ happy moods

♥ the sounds from the horses

♥ summer yardsales

♥ good music

this list and layout was originally posted in June of 2009.

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