fredag 30 juli 2010

today july 25th 2010

photo taken july 27th, journaling july 25th

Outside my window: i see the dogs wander the yard, sniffing in all the new smells.

I am thinking: that this is life. This simple relaxed environment makes us feel life.

I am thankful for: our fantastic nature and the ability to move freely in it.

From the kitchen: my great husbands yummy pasta.

I am hearing: the fire spark and the sounds of cardplaying.

I am creating: a photobook for my parents-in-law and a crocheted blanket.

I am going to: sleep so good tonight.

I am reading: a Dennis Lehane book.

I am hoping: that I can hold on to how this serenity feels forever.

Favourite from today: the open fire and crocheting in front of it.


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