onsdag 30 juni 2010

a scrapbooking post finally

finally i have some scrapbooking pages to show you! i took them outside and hung thenm in a tree in the backyard to photograph them!

and for this first layout, it is very suiteable as it is about my ever growing love for gardening :)
i love that snail patterned paper (panduro) and i saw those dot effects somewhere online and thought it gave so much to the page. and simple; circle punch + glue dot!
and since i didn´t have an "O" to spell "love" i used a felt heart instead.

i know this is a poor excuse for a photo of a 2 pager, but it still is :) i tried to bind the 2 together by using the same green patterned papers for the circle accents.

i love the fact that you can use your blogposts and transfer them onto a scrapbook layout, but as i usually scrapbook in swedish i seldom do use my blogposts (as i always blog in english!), but this time i did. i used my writing from this blogpost earlier this week. i thought that it captured exactly what i wanted to say in both blog and layout.

ok, thats all from me today. but tomorrow or friday i have a wardrobe refashon post in store for you!

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  1. I love your work! Your new pages are so fresh and pretty!