måndag 29 oktober 2007

weekend re-cap

1. we had a christening to attend to in Gothenburg this weekend. We went there on friday and made some shopping before we headed over to my MIL and FIL where we were going to stay. Made some cool finds at the LSS and over at IKEA too. If your IKEA has started their Christmas display (which they most likely have!) go for the gift labels. They have these plain red, green and black ones in diffrent sizes. Perfect for any scrapbook project! They had some cool cards too.

2. The people who were Christening their son were my husbands cousin. They are big city people, rich and minimalistic in their style. They live right down town and I love their view over the other houses.

And I also love their art work.

Me and my husband were a bit bored at the following dinner alot because we weren´t seated together. What is one to do? :)

3. We are also very happy to say that our favorite soccer team won the swedish championships on sunday! GO! I love this photo of my husband in his gear :)

4. Some new flickr faves :)

1. A Warm Cozy Haven, 2. beautiful, 3. Unwanted, 4. feet, 5. Day 168 of 365, 6. Parasol, 7. Untitled, 8. Bubbles., 9. I Love Watermelon, 10. little girl. big bed, 11. old school, baby!, 12. pirate*girl, 13. wrinked hands with rock.jpg, 14. crewel, 15. jaywalkers, 16. Guest Room, 17. quilt, 18. love in fall, 19. sweet, 20. baby day, 21. On the kitchen table, 22. flowers on a hill (detail), 23. LILY (YELLOW), 24. don't you love those little feet?

5. Some new scraps:
First is one for a new challenge over at SIS. I made a 6*12 lo about my "yellow paradise" aka my scraproom :) I love the orange and pink together!

And I know that I have used this photo of us like 20 times :) But I just love it! This is going into a frame for my room.

And off course I had to scrap Harry´s lazy time in the couch :) I love that red felt star border.

6. I love coming back from an internet free weekend and just sit down with my coffee and look and they yumminess that have been uploaded on my favorite places!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Snygga LO:s, gillar särskilt den orangea, är svag för den färgen...
    Och vilka tavlor, de hade gärna fått hänga här hemma...

  2. Loved all the pix from your weekend, especially those of you and dh staring longingly at each other down the banquet table.

  3. I just love the details in your LOs!!
    I also have certain pics I scrap over and over again :)