onsdag 24 oktober 2007

happy humpday ♥

1. still sick! kleenex is my life!

2. Here is finally the story of my daughters stuffed-animal-birthday-party:

One morning my daughter declaired that her stuffed dog Lily was having her birthday the following saturday. She wanted to have a party where her friends came with their stuffed animals. My husband instintcively said NO! :) Then she went forward to me. She said that she had already prepared the invitations and everything. So, I said ok! :) We started to prepare the party which we invited 2 guests to, because hey it is only a stuffed animal party (!). We baked cupcakes and set the table with the fine china and blew some ballons. We had to have 3 candles in Lilys cupcake and the girls sang happy birthday and everything! They were to cute! Then they went on to some dancing and partying :) They also played a music game and ended the party by jumping on the trampoline :)

3. I took some yummy fall photos from the train when I went home from my mothers yesterday.

4. Harry ♥ Sadie

5. I need some self boosting! So, I made a layout for that reason only :) The title says Dare to live!

6. This layout didn´t come out anything the way I planned. I used lots and lots of masking tape on the background and then painted the lot with my orange paint. The photo was taken on our last datenight.

7. Ali´s new book Life Artist has still not been published in Sweden! Argh!

8. I am playing around on the blog today and it is all oranges fault! :)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Vad kul, alltid finns det någonting att fira...:-)
    Jättefina LO:s du gjort.
    Ali´s bok finns på adlibris.se.

    Hoppas att du kryar på dig snart!

  2. Love your layouts! And I <3 your fall photos! They are just picturesque!!

  3. I am loving orange at the moment too :) Love the stuffed animal party, very cute and also all of your layouts. Hope you have a good day :)

  4. Hejhej...jag igen...
    Ville bara säga att jag såg Ali´s´bok inne på magdas.se också...bara ett litet tips...
    Hoppas att du får en bra helg!