måndag 15 oktober 2007

small pet update...

we had a rather slow sunday and i love those. we had coffee with one of our neighbours and then we just hung out here at home. Today was also kind of a slow one. I worked my 2 hours and then came home to Harry who missed me terribly for those long hours :) He is such a cool dog and he is doing so much better. Just look at him laying on the couch, where he climed up all by himself thank you very much! :) He such a happy dog and he brightens our lifes every day.

Our all grey cat :) He was a little camera shy :)

I was browsing my blogs and came upon so many cool black and white selfportrait. Well, you know me I have to try it out. I think I will have to use this on a scrapbook page or 2 :) It was fun, but a little bit tricky too.

and i seem to have really come out of my black and white route. I used to play alot with black and whites, but lately I am all about color. I am praticing again, so that´s why this post is only black and white photos.

I am still on my scrapbook break and am taking lot´s of photos and coming up with ideas and lists on new projects. It feels good.

Oh, before you leave, check out my mini me I made today!

4 kommentarer:

  1. what great pictures, they are so cute. Have a great week.

  2. Fina bilder Lisa, du förresten så har jag en challenge åt dig i min blogg om du har lust att prova.

  3. Such a beautiful dog!!
    Very cool self portrait, Lisa!