fredag 19 oktober 2007


Ok I can offically scrapbook now :) Yay! Even though I know that I have cheated at least twice, but it was only because they were for a challenge and they were due tomorrow :)

Tonight (it is friday night here right now) I have done a minibook that features or family of 6 :) First I painted some playing cards with my new yummy orange paint. Printed out some small photos of the family and made each familymember a cards. For the front I laminated a small pouch and added some letter stickers. Fun fun fun...

(sorry about the wonky colors on a few of these!)

I also made Harry a mini of himself :) Just a quick one!

We checked out High school musical 2 tonight on Disney. My daughter had booked the TV a week ago because this was a translated version :) As the last scenes was coming she was like 3 inches from the TV and saying: Mom, now we have to see if they are going to kiss! I said, You think they´ll do? Mmmm...she said or maybe we will have to wait for the third movie :) Now she is playing Gabriella in our big bed! Sweet.

Oh I have to show you who held me company in the scraproom tonight!

2 cuties :)

Have a wonderful friday! Be sure to come back tomorrow, we are throwing Lily the stuffed dog her 3rd birthday party :) It is a long story, I´ll share it tomorrow :)

Ps. Don´t forget to say hi!

9 kommentarer:

  1. Awww! Cute mini books... and cutie pooch and kitty xxx

  2. love the mini books!!!


  3. I really love the idea of using playing cards as the base! I might have to play with this idea!

  4. Lisa, your work just keeps getting more creative and more adorable every time I visit your blog. I love the mini albums. I thought the colors were wonderful. They are fantastic. Have a great weekend!

  5. Supersnygga minialbum!
    Har en kortlek liggandes...så nu vet jag vad jag ska göra ikväll...

  6. Visit your blogg almost every day! It's so full of inspiration. Thank you for sharing!

    Oh yeah, HI!

  7. how cute are your little buddies :) Love the stuff you make.

  8. cute cute cute Lisa! Adorable.