lördag 13 oktober 2007

other things

ok, so I did some other projects :) First i tried that cool make-an-album-using-an-old-book thing. Such an easy projects really. I bought an old book for like a nickel and toar the pages out (am saving those to use in other projects!) and then adhered some wellcrow to both ringbinder and the book itself. Voila! Now I can keep adding either journaling pages and/or photos + scrapbook pages. The ring size is from a larger Filofax calender.

Next I tackled an other project that I have been wanting to do for a long time. I printed out about 25 of my newest scrapbook pages in wallet size and made a quick felt pouch to put them in. Voila! Instant gift. I am doing a few of these for Christmas.

Here is a tip on how to use up your scraps of paper. I made a few of these tiny note books for people to have in their purses or pockets where they can jot down phonenumbers or such.

I even wipped out some earrings :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. I LOVE those tiny notebooks! what a great idea! everything else looks great, too.


  2. oh my gosh you have been busy :) so inspiring.