måndag 22 oktober 2007

miss challenge winner :)

oh, yes it payed of cheating on my no-scrapbooking-week! I totally won Sarahs Recycled inspiration challenge! (I posted it here) Yay me! I still have no idea what I won, but I am still so so happy!

I am sorry the update on my daughters stuffed-dog party is late and it will be later still, becasue I went to my mothers house and left the photos at home :( bummer. But the story will come! :)

Ok, a little list:

1. I am sick! Soar throat and running nose :( Feel sorry for me a little :)

2. Check out Anilus etsy shop. She makes gorgeous stuff!

3. I found an amazing set on flickr by one of my favorites. Isn´t it lovely how natural and healthy they look :) Now that family is my favorite :)

4. Did I mention that I am sick? ... :)

5. The new ER season starts tonigt!

6. Dagmar posted this cutest ever layout in the 2peas gallery!

7. I am going to try to take some urban-ish photos while i am here at my moms. But don´t hate me if I don´t!

8. I have been shopping some new supplies for different Chistmas projects...But I am still not quite sure what they will be yet :)

9. I am making alot of journaling to future scrapbooking layouts while I am not home to acctually scrapbook. That is something I do quite often as I sit and wait for something like the bus or in the post office etc.

10. I promise a happier post and a healthier post soon! :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. ahhh I hope you feel better soon. Loved your layout for SIS so cute, congrats on winning. And love dagmar's layout, wow.
    Have a great week.

  2. I love following links and seeing what other people are doing out there. The jewelry is great. I also saw you won the LO challenge from another blog somewhere besides yours, congrats! and the little witch, cute, cute! I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  3. congratulations on your win :)

    hope you get better soon :)