fredag 3 maj 2013

WCS | What I have learnt from my mother

Today is Friday and marks the last day of preparation week for Mother´s Day over at WCS. Aliza talks about different ways to scrapbook lessons or other things we have been taught from our Mothers.
I shared this layout. When I got the topic for todays post, I sent my daughter a text asking her to help me out with a layout. I do this all the time, so she was game. I asked her to write down a few things she has learnt from me. The first thing she wrote down was:
My mother taught me to be nice to others... Yay! I am done! ;)
She also put down how to craft and take photos, which is also very cool. I am going to ask her again in a few years, it could be interesting!
What have you learnt from your mother?
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