måndag 27 maj 2013

Project Life | Week 20

Totally late, but here is week 20 in my Project Life album!

Lots of garden and nature photos this week as the spring weather have been fantastic!

If you haven´t  noticed before I usually include a weekly photo of my baby nephew in each spread. This week I decided to have a whole insert with photos of him ;) My sister said that this (weekly photos) will be so cool to see in a year. Love that!

I had to include a photo to show the temps that we had, Friday flowers and a note from our date night ;)
Europe had their Eurovision music competition saturday and as my daugter wasn´t home that night we texted instead! 

I am loving to include my new loves photos and photos that are shared with other family members through emails and texts in my spreads. 


Did you have them to check out The phone Photography Project yet? It is a fun new workshop that takes Place in July! It is smacked full of tips and tricks all about taking photos with your phone and I am one of the contributors!

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