onsdag 29 maj 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 21

Week 21

As I see my photos of this weeks spread on my computer screen I see that they are not at all good, but I hope you get the Picture (pun not intended!).

The stories | My new love had a new MRI done on Monday. He was nervous so I kept him company. We went and did a little shopping too :)
I had a meeting with the bank on Tuesday, got stuck in a parkinghouse, but cuddled my nephew.
On Wednesday I went to a seminar at my old University and held a short lecture. And that last picture is about that new Project that I haven´t talked about yet, but I can very soon :)

Inserts | I have two inserts this week. I just had to many stories I wanted to keep!So this is the first, where I just added one more pocket and 3 more stories.

Back of insert | My new love had a tough day and I tried to help him as much I could. Hello real Life.
And I am so happy it is rhubarb season!

The front of the insert | My daughter loves her new Converse ;)

Second insert | The second insert has two more pockets and hold 7 more stories.

Loving right now  | I love including photos that my friends and family share with me through email and texts. This week it´s my neices turn to get Chicken Pox :/ 

Back side of the insert | The backside holds nice stories of gatherings and liliacs in bloom. 

Second page | The second page holds a photo that I took of our tree in the backyard. I have never seen it before, but it looks just like a heart :)
My mom was here for a few days and it was so nice to have her here. 
Saturday was a great day, even though it wasn´t as sunny as we had hoped. My new love snapped the sunset photo and I journaled on the photo with my white pen. 
Sunday was Mother´s day for us and I got a cute cup from my darling daughter. But my favorite was when she came in to the livingroom that night asking me to take a picture with her :)

There you have it, week 21 in 2013.


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