fredag 17 maj 2013

Around here


Around here...
The weather has been fanatstic lately. We still have had cool nights and a bit of rain, but the winds are warm and the temps are up to almost 20. May usually has been warmer and then it gets cooler again in June. Weird.
Work has been tough. It has been all year really. I do like challenges, but sometimes you feel like you just stand there in the same spot and not getting anywhere.
I have been feeling un-normally tired. This has been been a sign of my depression getting worse in the past. But I hope that it is just a low period and that my body and mind long for summer vacation that is just a few weeks away.
The cats think they are in heaven with this great weather. They have been spending more and more time outside and just coming in for cuddles and food. The windows and door are usually open so they can wander as they please.
We are doing good. Things have been interesting with my new love spending almost all his time at my place and us getting to know eachother on so many levels. It is hard sometimes, but not at all hard enough to quit ;)
My daughter has been doing good too. Much much better all the time and that makes me ever so happy. School is out soon and I am sure she will enjoy sleeping in!
In two weeks my baby sister is getting married. We look forward to this immensly. It is always fun to dress up and party! The festivities is a 2 day thing with a welcoming party for their son on the next day.
How has Life been around you lately?
Did you have them to check out The phone Photography Project yet? It is a fun new workshop that takes Place in July! It is smacked full of tips and tricks all about taking photos with your phone and I am one of the contributors!

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