lördag 4 maj 2013

WCS | Use poetry on scrapbook pages

Happy Saturday! 

Today I can share the last finished page from Re-Scrap 2013 April. It is inspired by the sketch from Studio Calico.

It is also featured in todays Write post at WCS. The post is about how you can use poetry in different forms on scrapbook pages. I took my journaling from this post.

 I have always wanted a romantic man. A man who would buy me flowers just because. 
I have always wanted a man that wants to snuggle and be outside with me. A man that enjoys a cool summer night in the backyard just holding hands. 
I have always wanted a man that looks at me like I am the most beautiful woman in the world. A man that would hold me every night. 
I have always wanted a man that enjoys spending time with others, visiting and entertaining. A man that loves my mother and sisters. 
I have always wanted a man that made laugh. A man that is silly and funny and not at all full of himself. 

And even thought I know we are still just starting our relationship, I know that in him I have all of the above. And more. 

Check out the Write post here.

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