onsdag 30 november 2011

from pin to reality ~ Christmas Cards

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welcome to another edition of from pin to reality! this is where i take the massive inspiration that is pinterest and actually make something! yay me :)

when i saw this card above i just knew that i wanted to make something similar for our Christmas cards this year. and since i am still going strong with this project where i take one family portrait a month in 2011, i had a few photos to choose from. 
i choose this one 

for a minute i was pondering going with this...

:) but no. 

and this is my finished card!

here is how i did it: 
first i uploaded the photo to picnik.com and converted it to black and white. 

next, i clicked the text tab and began to write out the words MERRY CHRISTMAS one letter at the time. (1)
(2) your letter will be placed in the middle of the image in white. you can change the color over to the right. (3)
now, i am a member of picnik, paying a small fee every year to get to use their premium features, but i am pretty sure even if you are not a member you´ll still have a few choices of fonts for this. you change fonts right under where you write your letters!
also, you just drag your letter to move and change size.

if you want to you can also add a little holiday sticker :) 
click the sticker tab (4) and scroll down to the Christmas stickers (5) and just click to choose. move it where you want to have it and change color too (6). for the finished card i showed above i did not use any stickers, but i did make a few versions of it and i made a special one for my hungarian speaking grandparents and added a sticker :)

i am happy with that one too :) 
oh, yes next you just click the save and share tab (7) and save the image to your computer. 

i did want to make that cool border and cut the card out, but it just didn´t work with my photo. 
you can also make this is a photo editing program like photoshop or so. 
and i need to tell you that i am not paid or anything by picnik.com to write this, i just love the site :)

i hope that you enjoyed this little idea! 


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