lördag 19 november 2011

the one with stitches and dogs

i love that my sewing machine is right there on my table so i can easily use it! on this page i made kind of a quilt of patterned papers to coordinate with the lovely granny squares that are in the photo. 

the blanket is my sister in laws and we got to borrow it during a visit with her a few weekends ago. 
i am confused that the layout looks crocked here since i can swear everything is straight in real life :/
i used my typewriter for my journaling. 

one of my nieces really loves our dogs. she especially likes to walk themon leaches :) she was so happy that we had an outdoor birthday party for my daughter, as she could walk the dogs as much as she wanted :)

yep, the sewing machine was out for this one too!

i hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!
i am shooting a wedding, catching up on scrapbooking, tending to my sick daughter and planning for a thanksgiving dinner. 


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  1. the effect of paper squares is great with the blanket picture... like it!