söndag 27 november 2011

my december minibook!

so...there is a december mini this year too. i did have a few thoughts towards not doing one this year since i already have a few minis from past years that are not finished. this year i really needed something extra that made me want to do a december mini. 

the spark came to me one night after i had seen a announcement from Ella publishing that they had a new List it! product. it was the Christmas edition and since i have the everyday version already i knew how great these products are. it is a pdf download with journaling spots in list forms about different things around Christmas like this one above, which i already filled in (i know i just couldn´t help myself!) so, my mini is based on 24 of the 92 lists in the download, one for each day in december up until Christmas Eve when we celebrate Christmas. 

i have also included other stuff in the mini when i made my fundation pages this past weekend. like the quote from the beginning of the movie love actually, that i love ♥ 
but also some ali edwards Christmas brushes from designer digitals that i printed out on my printer.  

the holiday photo checklist is a free download from my friend rebecca cooper

yes, i have started a few lists ;)

come december i will fill the book up with photos and more embellishments. 

i´ll go ahead and push that publish button now and share the rest of the pages in my next post! 


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