tisdag 8 november 2011

the one with the gratitude layout

this past saturday the Write Click Scrapbook team had the write. saturday (there are also flickr, click. and ofcourse scrapbook. saturdays) the journaling challenges this week were:

1.       A Garden Story
Flower or vegetable, public or private, arboretum or farmer's field: gardens add a rich layer of beauty to our lives. As bleak November sets in, revisit the warmth of summer by telling a story you haven't told before that involves, even in a small way, a garden in some form. 
2.       Something in Common
Write about something two people have in common. You can think personal or physical characteristics, likes and dislikes, habits, favorites.
 3.       A Small Thing You're Grateful For
When we think about things we're grateful for, we tend to think of big topics (health, marriage, and family, for example). Instead, try writing about something small you are grateful for, like the perfect cup of hot chocolate (or the cup you drink from), pretty toenails (or socks that keep your feet happy), your favorite sweater (or the stranger who complimented you on it). This is a great chance to scrapbook about yourself! Or, think about a small thing your subject might be grateful for and write about how it influences his/her life for the better.

i did a layout for the third challenge.

my journaling talks about the gratitude i feel towards being able to wander in nature, which is so important to me. i used an old dictionary page and circled the word wander. my journaling is typed on my typewriter on a tag tucked in a glassine envelope that i bought at monikas etsy. 

did you take the challenge? share in the comments, i would love to see! 


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