söndag 3 april 2011

a year long project

i know most of you already know and love Tara Whitneys photo project from last year. she took atleast one family photo with her family every month for a year and just wrote a blogpost about what happened that month with them. 
when i went through our 2010 photos i found ONE of us as a family together. crazy! (as i write this it hits me...have i blogged this before?! anyway...) so from january this year i have made an effort taking ateast one photo of the three of us each month. and my family is so cooperative too, beacause i sat them down in december and told them why i expect them to do this with me with no fuss :)

here is january. you see that i keep it super simple, just the photo and the text. i thought i wasn´t going to do anything else in this album. but then i thought it was a little boring yet to point. 

so i included the pamflets from our weekend hotel that we went on in january. just stuck them on the back of the pageprotector. 

for march i added a few more photos that i thought was important for the documentation. i also added a quote on a transperency sheet. 

since we got a few bad news at the end of the month, i added the newspaperclippings of the events also. 

i am really happy and excited about this project!

here is the photo that i used for march. 

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