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Write Click Scrapbook November gallery!

as we turn into the month of november there is a new inspiration gallery at Write Click Scrapbook! we all created projects with the theme I remember when...

i decided to make a minibook! 

ah, yes i will always remember my first visit to Paris ♥ 

the actual book is a thrifted childrens boardbook that i painted.
i created polaroids using the free Poladroid tool and printed them small to make like an index page.

as you see i made the pages almost the same throughout the book, just changing up the patterned papers and embellishments a bit. 

journaling: i remember when we drove into Paris that day in february 2008. spring had sprung and we could take our coats of. I don´t know if i was high or something, but i just fell flat for that city. everything was just so beautiful and french :)
We checked into the hotel that was just near the Arch of triumph and our room had one of those little balconies. I also remember that the breakfast was terrible and expencive. 
I just wanted to get out and experience right away!

journaling: I remember when we got of the bus and walked those steps and i saw the Eiffel tower. I almost can´t explain it. i felt it in my whole body that it was a moment i would remember for the rest of my life. a fantastic feeling! there were quite a few people there; a bride and groom, skaters, a living statue and other tourists. 
i also aet my first nutella crepe here :)

journaling: i remember that the very first thing we visited was the arch of triumph since it was like 2 minutes from the hotel. it was awesome to see it, but i also remember the large roundabout that goes around it. oh my god! the french are crazy drivers! there were 3 or 4 lanes (all depending on what the drivers thought suited) and the drivers just drove on and honked their horns. 
we jumped on the bus here and i guess the driver was in a hurry because he drove away all while when we paid and got our info. he drove away with this giant bus joking and serving us at the same time! crazy!

journaling: i remember walking through the grand gallery at the louvre that felt like it was going on forever. i just had an unexplainable feeling all over; admiration, aha, inspiration, gratitude. i also remember getting told of by the security guide taking this self portrait :)

journaling: i remember roaming the streets and watching from the  city from the bus. it was genuinly beautiful! the balconies, the seine, the buildings, the signs seemed so thought trough. like someone sat down one day and decided that beauty is going to reside in this city. we walked along the seine on both sides. everywhere along the river there were artwork, book booths where they sold old french books, newspapers and postcards. everything was just like i thought it would, just better. 

and there you have it!
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peace ♥


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  1. I'm so glad you posted the journaling because I was dying to read it! I think this is so elegantly pretty!