torsdag 11 augusti 2011

from pin to reality #2

ok, friends, it is time for another edition of from pin to reality!

yes, i made a button just for these posts :) 
i told you i would have to!

in my crochet pinterest folder  i have all sorts of yummy projects. i chose to take my hooks and a few of my leftover scraps of yarn on our vacation and this project was a perfect one for the hours in the car. when i saw the above photo i squeeled a bit i think, but first i didn´t really realize that it was in fact crocheted rounds. 

All My Friends Crochet Necklace Create Your Own Color Trend - 2 for 30 dollars

i went on clicking through to the etsy shop where these treasures are sold, and then i saw that this is very doable (although i urge you to buy from the seller too!)

the rounds are really easy to make. i used a thinner kind of yarn (like i used for these) and my number 3 hook. 

first chain 3.

make a circle by going down in the first chain and do a single stitch.

now, do 10 double stitches around the chain.

close with a single stitch in the first double stitch like so.

cut and tie. now you have your first round. 

i found that 16 is a good number to get a nice weight to a necklace, but i guess you can go with both less and more. i put the rounds on a silver chain.

fun, eh! 

3 kommentarer:

  1. now i am going to have to pin your necklace, so cute!!! i love it and am so addicted to pinterest, just too much fun. i love this idea!

  2. ummmm, wow. now if i only remembered how to crochet!

  3. Lisa! Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I could crochet. I fell out of love with the craft...but these make me want to pic it back up. SOOOO cute!