torsdag 25 augusti 2011

52 photos in 52 weeks: week 34 theme HAPPY

i have talked about the book 14,000 things to be happy about before. and as the 52 photos group have the word happy as our theme this week, i thought i´d share a few recent favorites. here are my favorites from the pages 120-131

* low-bush blueberries
* many suprises coming in one day
* little things
* cream in coffee, or half-and-half
* blankets
* watching it snow
* 50s music
* the softness of kittens feet, like raspberries in the hand
* a shade that lets in just the right amount of light
* the silence of close friendship
* smile lines
* forest walking
* kids keeping you moving
* three
* carrots growing deep
* sleep
* checking out new grocery stores
* a  candlelight parade
* a screened in gazebo
* a wife and a husband as best friends
* comfy chairs in large bookstores
* buying fresh flowers
* a reading nook
* kinderdarden drawings
* wading knee-deep in fallen leaves
* seeing rainbows
* the unmistakable message of love
* thinking good thoughts
* speaking kindly
* open-air cinemas
* fresh air after a stuffy room
* believing in yourself
* collapsing in bed and cuddling
* a soul mate
* the pure promise of adawn
* quite times

and here is my photo for this week. 

what makes you happy?

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