tisdag 16 augusti 2011

from pin to reality #3

yes, another take at from pin to reality is in store today! 
it is actually inspired by two different pins. 

i love this little thing so much! and i knew i wanted to make something like it. but it wouldn´t fly to just have this cute little pillow in our decor...so i added another pinspiration:

lavendar filled satches! i have been drying lavendar since earlier this summer and i also have some dried rose petals. ok, so i started to make the small satches with some heavier muslin fabric. easy peasy. 

then i made some patchwork, sloppy by choice! 

i then used my letter stamps that i usually use in my scrapbooking and ink to add the letters to a strip of the same fabric i used before. 

i then used some doublesided tape to attach the fabric strips to the patches. 
added dried flowers and some rice for weight and sewed the satches closed.

AND there you have a little gift for someone special, in this case a little suprise for my friend monikas sweet daughters! 

these pins were both from my overly full craft pinterest folder.

happy day! 

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  1. Oh, you sweet friend. You took my breath away and my eyes filled with {happy} tears of joy when I saw your thoughtfulness. I just adore your project AND you, mostly!