söndag 28 augusti 2011


ok, prepare for a update post on various things today :)

yesterday we celebrated my daughters 12th birthday! i know, we decided to go ahead with the party althought my husband is still not ok. but we finally had found a weekend when everyone could come and i know that won´t happen soon again. so, friday, i came home from work and got started on the preps for the party; baking, cooking, cleaning in between tending to my husband, delegating tasks to my daughter etc. by friday night i was beat! but it was totally worth it! we had a lovely time at the birthday bbq! 

and althought she did turn 12, she squealed like a real teenager when she opened her gift! 
(i would have too!)

my husband did come home from the hospital late this week and it is great to have him home, but i tend to worry about him more when he is out of the care of proffessionals. the diagnosis did indeed turn out to be a whiplash injury  that was caused by his accident this past winter. he was able to sit outside in the garden for a little while during yesterdays bbq, but he still mostly spend his days in bed with pain, feeling dizzy and sick. as he will get better, he is starting physical theraphy. 

i am shooting my last wedding of the season next week, it´s gonna be fun! i also have been pondering if i am really going to do the project life in september as i decided back in may...september is going to be F.U.L.L for us: a wedding shoot, a birthday party + another wedding. or maybe i should do it just because of that? what do you think?

in other news i am feeling not grounded. my mind is wandering all the time and i am multitasking all the time. i need to just calm down, takes my 100 meditation breaths and live fully awake and not on autopilot. 

deep breaths...

3 kommentarer:

  1. dear Lisa
    I'm happy your husband get out hospital and hope he feels better...
    The "12" photos picture board is really great and one thing is sure : your daughter really looks like you!

  2. So glad your husband is home. Hope he continues to feel stronger each day.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter. Great gift!!

  3. 12 already?! Wow, time realy flies!
    Congratulations and good for you that you celebrated it, despite your husbands injury.
    In my thoughts I'm with you. It shall be an long road for him, and for you. But indeed; deep breaths!