fredag 11 juli 2008

"new" chairs

We have these awesome vintage chairs for our dinner table, but as they are vintage they aren´t the freshest in the fabric department :) So, i decided that they needed a make-over! First, as i love a good work enviroment, i put me on some Janis Joplin on the cd player :) Second, i turned the chairs upside down to take of the acctual seat, which in this case was fastned with a screw. (Dixon is always very creativly curious!)

Then after that I chose this plain red fabric. I simply laid out the fabric and put the seat ontop of it so that i could cut around it for measurment. This is the easy way, and i need the easy way as you might know :)

Ok, so then after cutting the fabric out. I collected a few small nails and my hammer. Dixon was not pleased that i pushed him aside for the acctual hammering :)

After nailing all four sides, i started with two opposite sides so that i could pull the fabric plain. I wanted to make some nice corners. I did like so...

And here is the final result! Kinda nice, i think!

peace out!

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